Record Ladle Lives Campaign At Local Steel Works

Trent Refractories backfill material has contributed to a record ladle lives campaign at a local steel works helping to reach a record 154 heats beating the existing record by 2 heats. Ladle Linings for Foundries are a fantastic service for foundries, you can simply send us your Ladles and we will cast a working lining into it for you, we offer a full service of collection, wrecking, casting, drying and delivery back to your site. Making it easy for you to manage your fleet and offering value for money. We can also advise on casting at your site to enable you to effectively cast your own Ladles, this service is suited where typically smaller ladles are used.

We have a range of backfill materials designed to be used between the safety and working linings to absorb thermal expansion, retard and capture metal penetration and prevent reactions between the slag, working and safety linings. They offer protection whilst also making it easier to remove the working linings. We are also able to develop mixes using our team of experienced technical staff and external R&D support, please just ask and we will be happy to work on something for your needs.

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