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LINEV Systems U.K. are interested to speak with the Recycling Market where sorting used cylindrical battery cells into the relevant family sets is an important aspect of your business. We would also like to hear from recycling organisations where identifying batteries in general waste is just as important.

We would like to discuss our BATTERAY cylindrical battery sorting solution.

With successful trials, installations, and references, around the world, LINEV Systems U.K. are able to offer solutions that make a considerable difference to the way that #batteries are sorted and recycled.

With efficiency in mind, the #AI powered BATTERAY solution is the next generation #innovative solution, that combines the use of X-ray technology to enhance efforts towards a greener and safer future fire risk.

Contact LINEV Systems UK now to book your 1-2-1 session to discuss our solutions by reaching out to the UK team in our Kent based facility:

Phone: +44 333 577 9813

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