Rezon Ltd achieves Made in Britain accreditation

Manufacturing sports headbands from facilities in Sheffield: Rezon Ltd joins Made in Britain.

Founded in 2021, Rezon’s Halos® are ground-breaking headbands designed to protect the brain from impacts during sports. Their unique Rotection® technology minimises damaging rotational forces to the brain, reducing the risk of a life-changing and/or career-ending concussion and effects of cumulative trauma to the brain. 

Halos® is CE marked, Category II personal protective equipment. It is the first CE product of its type to have achieved such in the UK and 33 European countries.

Judith McMinn, Founder and CEO, said: “In Rezon every design principle and every decision is intentional. From the outset the ethical baseline has mattered, and we wanted to embrace the best of British design, materials and manufacturing to create a proudly British business and innovative product for the global stage. Being part of the Made in Britain organisation allows us to be part of an organisation that celebrates that, connects us to thousands of other members with the same ethos and pride, and together we can ensure that British quality and standards are best told.”

Rezon will use the Made in Britain mark on their website, social media, general marketing and packaging.

Find out more about the company at its members’ directory profile here and its website here

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