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Brain trauma in sport is a life-threatening injury that is often hidden in plain sight.  Halos® from Rezon is a ground-breaking sports headband which minimises rotational forces to the brain, reducing the risk of  concussion and the effects of cumulative trauma to the brain.  Within the 9.5mm thick Halos® headband, proprietary Rotection® technology reduces the transmission of rotational forces to the brain.  Halos® is CE marked, Category II personal protective equipment, the first CE product of its type to have achieved such in the UK and 33 European countries.

The outer layer is a sleek high-grade performance fabric that is water repellent, tear resistant and repels UV rays. The active layers provide linear and rotational impact protection, with no loss of shape and performance across playing conditions. Next to the skin, the inner layer provides comfort with a unique textured grip layer to keep the band in place, whilst also providing cooling and moisture wicking properties.


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