Risk in export is a shared responsibility

DOING business in new, more remote countries comes with its own set of risks. According to a recent presentation from Lloyds Bank, the management of those risks is a responsibility to be shared both within an organisation and with its trading partners overseas. The presentation was part of a webinar called Growing Beyond Borders produced in association with accountancy firm Saffery Champness.

John Pearce (left), CEO of Made in Britain, attended the webinar. Mr Pearce said, “It’s always a pleasure to be invited to speak at business leadership and support events, to convey as much as I can of the ongoing growth and success story of Made in Britain. 

“If there were only one key message to share with our membership from this event, it would be ‘manage your risks – very carefully’. It was reassuring for me to learn that international accounting firm Saffery Champness, our hosts, offer a suite of tailored services for SMEs, to help them navigate their way through the risks that are attached to the multiple opportunities of post Brexit trading landscape and the new rules all businesses now have to live by. 

“One visual highlight at this event was from long-term contributor to Made in Britain, David Weatherhead, head of SME and mid-corporate trade at Lloyds Bank. David reminded us all, with easy-to-understand charts, that when it comes to international trade in new, more distant countries, that risk really is a shared responsibility. David’s ‘risk ladder’ diagram will, I’m sure, be helpful for all our members venturing out to new and exciting territories, in search of export success. 

“I recommend Made in Britain members who haven’t done so already, take advantage of the International Trade Portal service from Lloyds - designed to help everyone find the right business and the right person in that business to establish new, lower-risk trading relations as you expand your export portfolio.”

You can watch the webinar here:

And download a copy of the presenters' slides by clicking here.


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