Safer surfaces with H+G Biomaster antimicrobial paints range

Never has it been more important to ensure good hygiene practice in clinically-sensitive areas such as hospitals and other healthcare settings. 

Biomaster partner Hanford+Green is supplying NHS hospitals around the UK with high performance paints to cover a complete range of interior and exterior surfaces including previously painted surfaces, plaster, wood, masonry, plastic, laminate or metal. 

Hanford+Green's antimicrobial Microsafe paint with Biomaster protection provides a vital second line of defence against harmful microbes, giving surfaces extra protection beyond routine cleaning protocols. Biomaster provides long-lasting protection for surface coatings and is proven effective against most common types of bacteria including antibiotic-resistant strains such as MRSA. The company's low sheen, satin and gloss finishes are highly durable, scrubbable, stain resistant and washable, making cleaning quick and easy, with no deterioration to the painted surface. 

Working with the architects RLM and the contractor INDEX Décor, Hanford+Green paints were recently specified to redecorate Dorset's biggest healthcare providers including the county's twelve community hospitals and minor injuries units. 

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Learn more about Addmaster (UK) Ltd on its Made in Britain member profile page

Find out more about Addmaster (UK) Ltd on their member profile page here

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