Should you order a Rigid or Flat-Packed Kitchen?

Whether you are a kitchen fitter or an advanced DIYer, when ordering a kitchen you may wonder whether ordering a rigid kitchen or a flat-packed kitchen would suit you better. At Kitchen Kit, we give our customers the choice of ordering a rigid or a flat pack kitchen so that you can choose the assembly type that suits you better. Check out our rigid or flat pack kitchen guide that discusses many of the benefits, to assist you in your Kitchen Kit buying journey.

Rigid or flat-pack kitchen guide:

Space: When ordering a kitchen, you need to determine the amount of space that you have to store the kitchen. If you have enough room to store the kitchen in a house/garage, a warehouse or a van, then a rigid kitchen is a great solution. With the cabinets already built, this will make the kitchen fitting process much easier. However, if you don’t have any space to store an already built rigid kitchen, then a flat-packed kitchen is a more compact and easily stored solution.

Time: As a kitchen fitter or an advanced DIYer, we understand that your time is precious and you want to be able to fit a kitchen as quick as possible. As a rigid kitchen is already built, this will save you lots of time in the fitting process. However, we are delighted to offer our Clicbox technology in our flat-packed kitchens which means that you can fit a kitchen cabinet in 30 seconds by using our simple and effective Clicbox technology. Our Clicbox technology makes kitchen fitting quicker and easier, which means that you can save on both time and money.

Cost: A major factor during the buying journey is the cost. Our kitchens are competitively priced, with rigid kitchens being slightly more expensive compared to flat-packed kitchens.
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Delivery: At Kitchen Kit, we understand that you desire to have your products delivered as quick as possible. Check out our delivery times below:
– Flat-packed stocked: 48 hours until despatch
– Rigid made to measure: 10 days until despatch

We hope this blog has helped you to decide whether a rigid or a flat-packed kitchen would suit you better in your next kitchen build. Check out our website to view our products and our kitchen builder tool that will take you through the step-by-step process of creating your next kitchen.

Kitchen Kit…it’s easy to choose, easy to buy and easy to build.

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