South Yorkshire based company donates Protective Personal Equipment to local school just in time for the start of the new school year.

Doncaster based company PPEXtra has recently invested in production of medical masks and other protective personal equipment. They have donated their products to local school Hill House, hoping to protect their pupils from the virus and stop any chances of it spreading.

Hill House School Head of lower school Jonathan Hill said: ‘’We will sanitize our gym and changing rooms every day. That is where our kids are the most vulnerable. ‘’

PPEXtra is a newborn brand based in Doncaster. The company is targeting their most vulnerable customers who needs protection the most. Their warehouse in Doncaster has been turned into a clean-room facility and is producing medical masks which are internationally accredited. Not only this, but PPEXtra offers lower prices than masks found in common shops which do not have required standards in order to protect each other from fluids and airborne spread of the virus.

The company has always supported local businesses and has plans to expand its production line. During this process, the company will be creating more jobs positions which in turn will help boost the local economy.

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