Staff Lockers for Thorpe Park

Part of the Merlin Entertainment group the Thorpe Park Resort is home to over 30 rides, attractions & live events. This Resort is the destination for thrill-seekers who can experience some of the UK’s fastest roller coasters. The “island like no other” is now home to Helmsman bespoke personal lockers provided for their staff.

Whilst maximising space and providing a well-designed layout of bespoke lockers we installed the lockers around the edges and back to back in columns in the centre of the room. Their preference was the Helmsman five compartment staff lockers with mid grey bodies and a vertical alternate of blue and yellow doors fitted with cam locks. Located close the main entrance of Thorpe Park the locker room is used by the staff to store their personal belongings and we’ve provided a bright and colourful space for them to utilise.

This has been certainly no roller coaster experience for us as the company knew exactly what they wanted, we made to their requirements and we are both thrilled with the result of the staff lockers at Thorpe Park.

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