Street furniture manufacturer launches touch-free sanitiser dispenser to help keep covid-19 down in busy public areas

As good hand hygiene remains critical in the prevention and control of Covid-19, a UK-based street furniture manufacturer has launched a range of touch-free sanitiser dispensers to help you reduce the risk of contamination. 

During lockdown, Furnitubes adapted its ZenithⓇ bollard to accommodate large refillable hand sanitiser bottles. They have since developed the range to include a kids range in bright colours and smaller height size. 

Catherine Barratt, managing director at Furnitubes said: ‘With businesses, retailers, restaurants and schools re-opening but the threat of a second wave very real, we wanted to create a sanitiser dispenser that would become a smart, permanent solution for public places with high footfall like offices, schools, shopping centres, restaurants and residents' apartments.     

The Zenith hand sanitiser dispenser is foot-pedal operated so there is no-hand contact at all, minimising the risk of contamination. It’s 100% mechanical so there are no-battery or power requirements, meaning that in the long run it is cheaper and better for the environment than the sensor-alternatives. It is also weather-proof so ideal for outdoor areas like delivery bays and public transport where there may be no hand-washing stations.   Barratt added: “We’re glad we can help businesses reopen and bring staff back safely. 

“We’re really proud of our engineers who have designed a range of functional, yet beautiful and durable, products. They’ve given a lot of thought to the engineering too, so that the product is fully assembled. You take it out the box, fill in the supplied refillable bottle with anti-gel gel, and you’re good to go.” 

The Zenith hand sanitiser dispenser is part of a wider range of street furniture, including benches, picnic tables, cycle stands, litter bins and bollards. It can be fixed to the ground, for extra safety, in high footfall areas. 

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