Supply partnership enables continued production of high-quality SIPs-built Garden Rooms

JML SIPs and Hemsec are both value-led family-owned businesses, and have developed a strong partnership over 10 years. This partnership has enabled JML to continue to respond to the unprecedented demand for thermally-efficient Garden Rooms, in the face of well-documented materials shortages.

JML SIPs and Hemsec have worked together for nearly 10 years, with Hemsec manufacturing the SIPs, and JML creating homes from them, for clients across the UK. 

There has been an increasing demand recently for SIPs Garden Rooms.

Especially since Covid, new home-based lifestyles have become the norm and people are looking for ways to improve their mental and physical wellbeing whilst still at home. 

SIPs Garden Rooms enable extended living spaces which stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, requiring little if any heating or cooling. Gyms and yoga studios, home offices, extra bedrooms and living rooms are all relatively easy to create using SIPs. 

The partnership between JML and Hemsec means that the two companies have been able to plan and respond to materials shortages together, and to continue to supply this growing demand.  

Using Hemsec SIPs, JML supplies bespoke designed SIPs buildings, as well as SIPs kits for those who want to use their own contractors. 

The UK construction market is increasingly recognising the key benefits that a SIPs building provides: 

●     super-insulation qualities

○     Cool in summer, warm in winter - all-round use

●     space utilisation

●     low maintenance

●     durability

●     design flexibility

Fast building times - around two weeks to supply and install

In most cases, it takes around two weeks to supply and install a Garden Room, which is far faster than more traditional building methods, and fewer workers are needed. The structure can be up within two days, meaning the internal works can be finished off without the need to rely on the weather. It’s important, however, to use precision-manufactured SIPs, which ensure a high-quality result.

Precision manufactured SIPs 

The Garden Rooms market is expanding rapidly with a number of new entrants joining the sector; however, few can match JML’s experience and track record.  The company has full accreditations for house building as well as smaller projects; this enables it to deliver a wide range of larger projects such as school classrooms, care home extensions and hotels. This professionalism and commitment to excellence has paid dividends. In 2018, JML supplied and erected the SIPs kit for the RIBA House of the Year. 

A key ingredient of JML’s continued success and growth is the high quality of the SIPs they use.  The company works almost exclusively with Hemsec, because of the consistent quality of its panels, its value for money, and great customer service.

Both JML and Hemsec understand the importance of absolute precision in the manufacture of the panels. 

Hemsec SIPs are BBA Certified and are extensively tested for Structural, Acoustic and Thermal properties, including Fire Resistance. Hemsec manufactures SIPs with laser precision accuracy to ensure that the SIPs are square, providing uniformity and requiring no additional manipulation. 

JML has total confidence that when the panels arrive in its processing factory, team members are able to cut the materials to size easily, ready for use with the both kits and bespoke Garden Room designs.

The two companies are proud of their long-standing relationship and partnership. They share a commitment to sustainability, focused on the need to construct low energy homes and buildings as a key part of the Net Zero Carbon building agenda.

Enabling people and their families to live and work more locally will contribute positively to this goal; and SIPs Garden Rooms can play a part in achieving this.

Further details

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For more information about JML SIPs, please visit their website. 

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