Sustainable Washbasins Will Help Us Reach Net Zero

Sustainability as a selling point is being pushed greatly in recent years. The worldwide movement for companies to achieve a ‘Net Zero by 2050’ only exemplifies this trend. That is why now, more than ever, we need to make sure to treat it as if it were sacred, and to keep this idea in mind with everything we invent and utilise. Water itself is proving to be steadily more expensive in both obtainment and treatment. The rate at which companies are moving to use sustainable materials in their products just isn’t fast enough for our liking. Soap is being used at an alarming rate in comparison to how much we actually need, and many washbasins simply aren’t built with this idea of sustainability in mind. To top it all off, many companies don’t consider the environmental impact of transporting their goods, neglecting to use electric cars.

However, Angel Guard’s Clinical A.I. Washbasins – Michael and Gabriel, have been constructed not only with this in mind, but built to improve on this, to be sustainable at the core. In comparison with existing installed washbasins and taps, we have been able to calculate the water savings expected. With ten taps running for 40 seconds per use, 300 uses per day and a flow of 6 litres per minute, this runs up an astronomical amount of water very quickly. On the other hand, ten units installed, with their strict programming and use of laminar flow, we have projected savings on average of 9.4 million litres a year! To help put such an enormous number into perspective, that would be greater than the sum of two Olympic-sized swimming pools put together. To think of not only the ecological savings, but also the economical savings is truly something.

In tandem with water savings, we are additionally looking to reduce the consumption of soap and hand gel, as more often than not, users will take at least twice as much as they actually need. Through tests of our own, we’ve been able to produce results that lead to the sum of 260,000 litres of soap and/or hand gel saved. This was based on the average of three pumps used with regular soap dispensers, compared to the one delivery of soap by the Michael unit, measured over the course of five years with fifty units installed.

Recycling is yet another rung on the ladder to becoming a fully sustainable business, meaning that this has to be taken into consideration in the creation of your product. Angel Guard is one step ahead, with each unit assured to be 99% recycled at the end of life, with hard work taking place to ensure the units are 100% recyclable in the future. This means no single use plastics, either. The main point to take away is that it is not enough anymore for the unit to simply be made from recyclable materials, but to make sure that it will be recycled at end of use.

Reflecting back on the mention of transportation, Angel Guard are also guaranteeing usage of electric cars for the transportation of staff, and electric vans for our Service Scientists for each installation. Through the use of our Halo Protect System, we can perform a majority of the maintenance and risk assessment remotely, greatly reducing the trips needed to perform these tasks.

Looking to the future, it seems that not only is Net Zero achievable, but easily achievable, assuming that we all work together and keep this sustainable ideal in mind with our inventions, innovations and imaginations.
Mention sustainable materials that can already have a high recycled content but 99% of the unit can be and will be (by us) recycled after use. We are also working hard on the 1% that at present is hard to recycle. Mention no single use plastics. Mention electric cars used by staff travelling and electric vans for our installers. Also less trips by many people maintaining and risk assessing the units all reduced to one or two visits per year as we can do most things remotely through our Halo Protect System.

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