Technoturn's Ambitions Underpinned By Long Term PSL Datatrack Support

Technoturn Ltd, the southern division of Techno Group, are a manufacturing solutions provider based in the South East of England. Specialising in high precision CNC machining and assembly, Technoturn supply into some of the world’s leading developers of cutting-edge technology across a spectrum of industries including aerospace, defence and scientific research.

From humble beginnings as a supplier of small turned parts, Technoturn now boasts 35 CNC machines ranging from small diameter lathes to full 5-axis machining centres, producing highly complex components from both raw and profile materials. The machining capabilities that are housed in their 16000 sq. ft. facility are complemented by in-house mechanical assembly and surface finishing operations that are project managed from site, meaning that Technoturn are considered a ‘one-stop-shop’ to many customers.

In 2001, Technoturn saw a rapid growth in demand from new and existing customers with intermittent purchasing behaviours and an increased demand for small-batch production. Rather than employing extra administration staff to manage the increased commercial and administrative requirements, the company chose to introduce a bespoke PSL Datatrack solution, designed specifically for the subcontract precision engineering industry.

PSL Datatrack was selected for its modularity and ability to be readily adapted to meet the changing requirements of Technoturn and its customers. The modular structure of the software allowed the company to only pay for the functionality that was needed to improve the production and administration of the business at the outset, without the burden of increased costs incurred by an overblown system containing unnecessary functionality.

Inevitably, in such a dynamic business, there are always complications and changes to working practices. Over the years, PSL Datatrack has worked with Technoturn to support its rapid growth, tailoring its service to assist with managing key company activities including production planning, purchasing and invoicing. This has ultimately helped to control the company overhead whilst keeping administration time and costs to a minimum. The nature of the system results in seamless introduction of new modules, with training from PSL Datatrack provided to help Technoturn utilise them as quickly as is practical without disruption to the day-to-day running of the business.

Technoturn initially used PSL Datatrack to prepare quotations and process works orders. Modules added later include Invoicing and Purchase Invoicing, Bill of Materials (BOM), CRM/Tasks, the Sequential Scheduler, Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) and Gauge Management. Also added was Non Conformance, which manages and monitors both works and supplier non conformances, providing a detailed history of all rejects.

PSL Datatrack is now utilised across every department within Technoturn and is the key to all business activity. “Datatrack is a logical choice for an SME. It is an auditor's dream – all supplier, material and process certifications are easily accessible through Document Management, which also significantly increases efficiency when dealing with client queries. As our business evolves, PSL Datatrack gives us the ability to bolt on new modules as and when required,” comments Dan Wahnon, Technoturn Business Development Manager.

Each module has its own benefits to Technoturn. The Sequential Scheduler allows the company to publish guide schedules for production and uses simple colour coding to highlight potential bottlenecks. Combined with the SFDC module, Technoturn is able to use PSL Datatrack to determine whether production deadlines are being met, if quotations are accurate and whether each cost centre is generating target revenue. All modules are frequently upgraded as part of an annual software release and can be tailored to the customer's specific needs through variable configuration options.

Technoturn's working relationship with PSL Datatrack does not fit into the traditional customer/supplier model. The PSL team is considered one of Technoturn's most valued partners and has worked, over the years, to customise existing reports or develop new ones that are not part of the standard system. This service is crucial in order to keep up with the company’s digitalisation process and the ever-changing nature of Technoturn’s business. "We are always looking to extract and present data in new ways to progress on our journey of continuous improvement. We very much rely on the flexibility that working with PSL provides us with,” says Dan.

The Supplier Scorecard, a customised monthly performance report for each supplier, gives both Technoturn and their supplier the ability to evaluate performance over various time periods. The data provided can cover areas such as the number of lines delivered, the number of lines late and the number of supplier non conformances. There is a ‘percentage on time’ figure and a ‘percentage quality by delivery’ figure, with colouring dependant on each percentage threshold. Sourcing decisions are then made based upon how well a supplier performs.

Status Boards are the next offering from PSL Datatrack technology being considered by Technoturn and are already installed in other divisions of the Techno Group. Dan will assess their benefit in providing real time, visual data regarding current production, shop floor instructions and performance against key performance indicators (KPIs).

PSL Datatrack is an invaluable tool that supports and contributes to the health and long-standing relationships across the Group’s worldwide customer base. Maintaining AS9100 quality standards, the Techno Group drives supply chain efficiency, component consistency and reliability whilst constantly striving to improve its reputation and diversify services. This has been highlighted by continuous investment in new software and machinery despite the significant challenges experienced across the manufacturing industry as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The Group’s mission is to be the first-choice manufacturing partner for all customers, past and present. “We strive to set the example for engineering excellence in everything we do by investing in our people, processes and capabilities, allowing us to apply innovative manufacturing solutions that exceed customer expectations.”

"PSL Datatrack continues to help us meet this promise. Their service is invaluable to us in subcontract manufacturing, not only meeting our specific requirements but also those of our clients. Each business relationship has unique nuances that need to be accommodated,” concludes Dan.

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