'The belief that Britain’s manufacturing industry is in terminal decline is simply wrong'

THAT headline at the top of this page is a quote from Jon Wrennall, chief technology officer at software and services company Advanced and it appears in a very upbeat section of The Telegraph's website.

The special section looks at the state of UK manufacturing and uses recent data from the Office of National Statistics. It presents a picture of manufacturing employment across the UK, region by region and how much each region is worth economically.

There are one or two surprises to be found on the history timeline. For instance, did you know that in 2007, despite falling numbers of workers, output in British manufacturing hit approximately double the figure from 1958? And the future has lots of promise. One prediction suggests that if current trends continue, Britain could break into the top five industrial nations by 2021 – next year!

The section contains articles on hi-tech industries, which are set to drive a fourth industrial revolution in the UK, and challenges such as the skills gap.

Click here to read the entire section on The Telegraph's site.

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