The Benefits of Seat Covers

Our tailored, waterproof seat covers come with many benefits for your vehicle seats. They offer your seats protection against water, fizzy drinks, food spillages, and more. They are easy to wipe down but if they do require more of a clean then they can be washed in the washing machine without losing shape, colour, or their ability to continue to protect your seats afterwards.

If you're a pet owner then you know that muddy paws, and hair, can ruin your seats but our seat covers will take the brunt of that and keep your seats as clean and fresh as the day you brought the vehicle.

Working in the trade can cause many messes; including dust, oil, mud and much more. Our seat covers will ensure that your seats don't get ruined while you're at work.

Even the every day use of a work vehicle can cause the original seat covering to start breaking down, by using a seat cover you can extend the life of your vehicle seats and retain the value if you ever sell.

Beyond the protection the seat covers can offer they can also give your vehicle that personal touch by choosing a colour that's more fitting to you, or your company. We are also working on being able to offer embroidery!

All of these benefits come with a design that means you don't lose functionality of your seats because they are fully tailored for the vehicle they have been designed for. We use a 600 denier polyester to create hard-wearing, heavy duty seat covers that stand the test of time.

We specialise in tailored seat covers for commercial vehicles - ensuring the perfect fit for Vans, Pick Ups, and 4x4s while retaining functionality. But if we don't offer tailored seat covers for your vehicle, we also offer a range of universal front seat covers in a variety of sizes. Our standard covers are fantastic for mechanics who need to protect their customers' vehicles without the use of single plastic covers.

We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing all of our seat covers in the UK.

Quality Guaranteed   
We are so confident in our products that all our seat covers come with a 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. We also offer a 3 month satisfaction guarantee should you require to return your order for an exchange or refund - even if you have been using them during that period of time and all free of charge. We want our customers to be 100% happy!

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