Made in Britain to help promote The Big Help Out initiative 2024

Made in Britain is pleased to help promote the The Big Help Out initiative that will take place 7-9 June 2024.
During the pandemic, the UK saw millions of people volunteer to support each other through the biggest national crisis since the Second World War.  This cemented volunteering as a core driver of connection. 
However, in the years since the worst phase of the pandemic drew to a close, the country has seen a significant decline in volunteer numbers. 
Last year, in its first year, the Big Help Out brought 7.2 million people together on 8 May 2023 as part of His Majesty the King and Queen’s Coronation for the largest mobilisation of volunteers since the 2012 Olympic Games, and one of the largest since the Second World War.  
In 2024, with His Majesty the King again in support, The Big Help Out will return and align with Volunteers’ Week from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 June.
For the second year of The Big Help Out, the organisers – the /together Coalition – are focused on:
 • SCALE - empowering millions to volunteer and building a legacy from 2023.
 • SUSTAINABILITY - empowering and enabling organisations to convert one-off volunteering into sustained engagement.
 • TARGETING - reaching under-represented and diverse communities who need extra help to volunteer.
Please contact if you would like to know more about this initiative, be connected with the organisers, or for more on Made in Britain’s wider, developing work on Environmental and Social Value.

By Made in Britain 3 months ago | Environmental & Social Value

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