The Firepit Company introduces MiniBlaze: a compact, eco-friendly tabletop firepit crafted with British steel

 The Firepit Company, renowned for its artisanal firepits hand-drawn and hand-cut from British steel, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the MiniBlaze. This compact tabletop firepit offers a sustainable and stylish solution for adding warmth and ambiance to any space, all while championing eco-friendly practices.

Designed and manufactured within a stone's throw of The Firepit Company's base on a farm in Essex, the MiniBlaze is a testament to local craftsmanship and sustainability. Crafted from British steel and available in a variety of classic  designs, the MiniBlaze is a smaller, portable version designed for versatility and convenience.

"The MiniBlaze represents our commitment to sustainable, locally sourced materials and innovative design," said Jason André CEO of The Firepit Company. "We are excited to offer a compact, eco-friendly fire pit option that brings the same level of artistry and quality as our larger models."

Key features of the MiniBlaze tabletop fire pit include:
·       Compact and Portable: Perfect for tabletops, patios, balconies, or any small outdoor space.

·       Eco-Friendly Fuel: Designed to use eco-friendly fuel options, reducing environmental impact.

·       Local Craftsmanship: Made with 6mm British steel and manufactured within 15 miles of The Firepit Company's farm in Essex.

·       Stylish Design: Sleek and modern design that adds a touch of elegance to any setting.
Customers can now bring the warmth and allure of a fire pit to even the smallest of spaces with the MiniBlaze from The Firepit Company. For more information about the MiniBlaze and other hand-drawn, hand-cut fire pits, please visit [website] or contact [contact email/phone].

About The Firepit Company: Based in Essex, UK, The Firepit Company is a leading provider of artisanal outdoor products, specializing in handcrafted fire pits made from 6mm British steel. Each fire pit is a masterpiece of design and functionality, created with passion and expertise to enhance outdoor spaces with warmth, beauty, and elegance.

Find out more about The Firepit Company on their member profile page here

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