The Five Steps To Manufacturing A World Class High Tip Bucket

What makes a world class high tip bucket?

There are a number of factors that are required for a high tip bucket to be considered world class. In this article we look at what we believe are 5 important elements to consider.

1: Great design that meets the needs of the user.

A high tip bucket should be designed specifically for the loads to be transported and the loader or tele-handler that you use. By focusing on the material to be moved, the loader and the height of reach required, allows a high tip bucket to be designed that will provide maximum efficiency.

The design team will discuss your needs and using CAD systems design the bucket so that you can see a scaled visual representation with dimensions. Having designers who have manufacturing experience as well as a comprehensive understanding of operating high tip buckets allows them to make important design choices. Such as

What material thicknesses will be required to provide the correct balance between strength, weight and durability
Depending on the operating environment would an auto lubrication system provide operational benefits
Would you benefit from removable wear parts ( heel plates, wear edges etc)  to enable the bucket to be easily refurbished
Would your bucket benefit from a clear floor design allowing any substrates within the bucket to be easily emptied, with reduced chance of any residue remaining within the bucket

2. In House Manufacturing Capabilities
High Capacity Heavy Duty High Tip Buckets are sizeable items of plant. It is therefore very important that they are built on a single site, allowing all fabrication and assembly to be completed in a highly efficient manner, minimising any transportation / movement.

Separate areas with the production facility should exist for cutting of materials, welding and fabrication, spray painting and importantly final assembly and testing.

Modern, well illuminated (with modern LED Lighting) production areas with highly efficient extraction systems will provide an environment for effective production. BA Caulkett have invested in new facilities to provide a new dedicated fabrication area and specialist spraying facilities.

3. Individual Build and Attention To Detail
By assigning an individual engineer to be with a custom specification High Tip Bucket allows the engineer to takes responsibility for the build quality and ensuring that the bucket is completed on time.

BA Caulkett engineers take a huge amount of pride in their bucket fabrication. This shows through the quality of welds, the standard of finishing achieved and the durability of the buckets and there reliability in operation.

4. In House Painting Capabilities
We all know that High Tip Buckets will get scraped and bumped in operation but that’s no reason for them not to look great when they are manufactured. High Tip Buckets dont have to be in “Henry Ford” Black or Battleship Grey at BA Caulkett we will spray paint your bucket to whatever colour you want. Simply let us know the RAL code.

BA Caulkett have a dedicated spraying facility onsite which is capable of accommodating the largest of high tip buckets ( or any loading shovel attachments including pushers). With highly experienced spray painters a high quality paint finish can be achieved whatever the colour.

5. Testing & Operation
The last thing you want when your High Tip Bucket arrives is for it not to work , or suffer leaks when you fit it too your loader. All BA Caulkett high tip buckets are factory tested and adjusted to ensure that they can be simply connected to your loader and be immediately ready for operation.

High tip buckets are often used in “harsh” environments and worked hard. If damage occurs it is important that spare parts are readily available. BA Caulkett design their high tip buckets to have easily replaceable “wear parts”. With UK in house manufacturing items such as pins and bushes are all available from stock. Where required BAC service engineers can visit your site and complete repairs.

For more information on world class high tip buckets click here, to see the high tip buckets in action watch these videos


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