The Green Way Academy

The Green Way Academy vision is to offer every pupil the opportunity to become inspired and find their Remarkable.

The G.R.E.E.N way motivates students by providing a unique set of values. This not only requires investing in the quality of their education, but also in the learning environment itself.

The academy wanted its outdoor areas to reflect its values, especially the value of “enjoying discovering what is possible.” Working with Playrite partner’s, Newby Leisure, the academy were keen to design a playscheme that provided a natural feel to the play spaces whilst in particular the surfaces offered a level of protection for the children.

The majority of the areas outside would include an artificial grass surface to generate a natural look and feel.

Opting for Playrite’s Nearlygrass 30 delivered a durable, low maintenance and mud-free ground that can be played on all year round making it the ideal solution for any area that is intensively used.

Playrite’s Nearlygrass collection looks, feels, and wears like real grass, making it an ideal solution for any education setting. Not only is it soft to touch, if children fall, they will be supported by a cushioned surface.

Ashley Spink, Sales and Marketing Manager from Newby leisure, commented “Playrite’s range of artificial surfaces offer superior durability and realism”.

Ashley went on to say “The Nearlygrass products work well with our designs, making the spaces look more realistic and ideal for educational environments. We’re happy to continue our partnership with Playrite and look forward to using their products in future projects.”

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