The GreenBlue Circular Economy

The truth is that it’s far more convenient and sometimes cheaper to manufacture products from virgin material, and nearly always the quality is more consistent.

GreenBlue Urban has always been committed to the circular economy principle – and it is far wider than just product manufacture. A circular economy is a wide economic system that works to challenge global issues such as waste and pollution, but also climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution – both air and water. In setting such massive goals, the circular economy needs a huge shift in thinking, by all of us.

Planting trees is a perfect example of a circular economy, as the tree provides multiple benefits during its life, and can be used to manufacture products when it is cut down. Removal of a plantation tree results in space left for new tree planting, bringing employment to often rural areas.

Urban trees also form part of a circular economy – but to maximise the benefits, these need to be properly planted, and grow to maturity. This is the raison d’être of GreenBlue Urban – assisting trees in their struggle to survive in a hostile environment.

GreenBlue’s innovative solutions enable trees to grow to their species potential longevity. All the below-ground products are manufactured from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable up to 5 times once they have finished their life.

Rather than disposing of end of use plastics in landfill or by incineration, we use this recycled polymer to assist trees to grow and sequester the carbon produced by the manufacture of the original material.

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