The impact of increasing steel prices on metal stillages and pallets

Price changes reflecting volatile steel prices

Several large increases in global steel prices during 2021 have been well documented. These price increases are continuing to affect UK manufacturers like us. The price of cut raw steel along with most components (such as welding wire and castor wheels) continue to increase by the month.

Trading for any business using steel is currently difficult, and MC&P is no different. Following some considerable increases and volatility in the price of steel over recent months, we have therefore made the decision to increase prices of a number of key products.

We are committed to offering our stillages, pallets and other products at the most competitive prices on the market, and we’re proud to have kept our prices low since we launched our website. However, in order to maintain quality and production, an increase at this time is necessary.

Why are steel prices rising?

Like most other countries worldwide, much of the UK’s steel is now imported from China (see Global Steel Price). Import levels have reduced as a result of freight shortages due to Brexit and Covid, meaning lower levels of supply, and further Covid lockdowns in China’s steel-producing regions have hampered manufacture.

In addition, iron ore and nickel raw material prices have increased significantly, making steel and stainless steel products more expensive across the supply chain.

The UK’s market is now getting much busier, with increasing demand as businesses and sectors come out of trading restrictions and lockdowns, but steel supply is struggling to keep up at the moment.

Will product prices reduce again if steel prices fall?

The industry expects that steel prices will remain high for some time as the world’s economy recovers from the pandemic, and whilst the UK economy adjusts to life post-Brexit.

We will continue to monitor our supply costs, and as prices settle down we aim to reduce the prices of products recently increased wherever we can.

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