Savernake Knives Launch The Explorer's Edition with Levison Wood

We're delighted to launch a brand new collaboration. Over the past year we have been working with renowned explorer, author and photographer Levison Wood  to create the ultimate companion for those seeking out their own adventures. This is the result – a knife steeped in history yet immensely practical.

This knife, of which we will only be making 100, has a number fascinating historical connections - from the yew sourced from a fallen down branch from an ancient tree in the yard of the oldest churches in England to the metal pin from a train that T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) blew up in WWI (only the first 25 knives we make will contain this special pin). To learn more about these stories and more please click on the link here.

It is also an exquisitely made knife that is designed to work in the harshest of environments and can be used for a number of tasks from splitting wood to skinning and gralloching. To order this click on the link here.

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