The Place Brand Observer interviews Made in Britain CEO

THE Place Brand Observer, a publication that looks at the branding of cities and countries around the world, has interviewed John Pearce, chief executive at the Made in Britain organisation.

According to its website, "A place brand can bring focus and discipline to everything a local, regional or national government does, from economic development and tourism to urban design and alleviating poverty. Places, however, are complex, disparate, and often contradictory, which makes place-branding enormously challenging... Place-branding affects us all, as residents and as visitors, investors and business owners."

The interview, conducted by founder, publisher and editor of The Place Brand Observer, Florian Kaefer, reveals some of the motivations that have led John Pearce to his current role and his vision for the future of British manufacturing and members of Made in Britain. Click here to read the interview.

By Made in Britain 1 year ago | Made in Britain news

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