The relevance of smart lockers for schools

The subject of technology’s role in the education sector has grown even more significant in a world where it impacts every area of our lives. The UK recently made national news when the government announced that mobile phones will be banned in classrooms, raising debates and decisions being made, we want to share how Helmsman can support schools to promote the education and importance for learning of the students by providing discounted prices for our lockers.

We offer a range of storage solutions that would be beneficial for the education sector. For this purpose, we manufacture Smart Lockers. Investing in charging lockers provides students with a designated space to store their devices throughout school hours, creating a disruption-free and promoting a focused learning environment.

  • Benefits of Smart Lockers at Schools
  • Smart lockers would be an advantageous investment for schools as it can help to reduce the distractions which are caused by mobile phones. Our Smart lockers would provide a secure designated space for students to keep their phones charged and locked during school hours
  • Smart lockers can help with problems such as cyberbullying that arise in the school environment. Whilst the devices are stored in secure Smart Lockers, it would create an easier way for teachers to monitor and address instances of online misbehaviour and deal with them, which can lead to a safer community for students.
  • In this world, mobile phones are essential to be used day to day, which is an issue whilst the students are at school. With smart lockers, young pupils would be encouraged to spend time away from electronics, which would improve their ability to interact with friends and focus on their academic performance as there would be fewer distractions.

By offering a lower price on our school lockers and smart lockers, we hope to assist the education sector in reducing the disturbances created by mobile phones. This will make our products an affordable investment for schools, particularly when the mobile phone ban is put into action.

In conclusion, school lockers and smart lockers would offer an effective solution for schools that have issues of mobile phones being used during school hours. Providing students with an allocated space for electronic devices would help to reduce distractions and encourage students to be more focused on learning at school.

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