The World's only Zero Waste Medal producer joins MIB

Zero Waste Medals is a veteran owned Shropshire company producing laser cut zero waste medals for predominantly for races in the UK .

Made from sustainable wood and Welsh slate , the medals are made to order by a team of professional laser operators in Telford . All wood used is forestry commission certified as sustainable and from British suppliers. Recognising that a large quantity of metal medals produced in the far east were being used by races in the UK we set out to resolve the carbon footprint issue and the environmental and financial waste caused by such a product.

Zero Waste medals are made in the UK cutting down on the carbon footprint compared to far east produced medals but also importantly unused medals , often left over after a race, can be returned for recycling AND full credit towards your next medal order . 

Pop on the website and take a look here Zero Waste Wooden Medals – Zero Waste Medals (

Find out more about Zero Waste Medals on their member profile page here

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