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Thomas Flinn & Co Ltd is the UK’s only traditional saw manufacturer and is celebrating their centenary this year! Starting in 1923, Thomas Flinn was a saw maker in a city synonymous with steel and it’s by products. Sheffield quality is known worldwide and in the early days of this company, there was lots of manufacturing of items with cutting edges dotted all round the city, likely as many as 70 saw making companies. Frank Ellis was Thomas Flinn’s apprentice and purchased the business from him in 1936. The company has been in the Ellis family ever since. With generations two, three and four all having roles.

The company has had to evolve to ensure survival. The focus is now on premium saw making having purchased many of Sheffield’s old brands of saws and continuing these. The PAX brand is one of the most well known and was established in 1776. The Garlick Saw Company (Lynx brand) began in 1858. Over time, modern technology has been brought in to assist in the continuity of production but all the saws still have a lot of skilled elements and hand work in to ensure all saws are made with precision and care. A premium quality saw such as this means it can be re-sharpened and will last a life time with care.

Thomas Flinn also purchased Clifton planes in 2014 and added this line of premium planes to their range.

Many of the tools are exported, with more than 50% of goods being shipped worldwide to various retailers and via their own website, which enables a great platform for some of the niche items they manufacture. The reputation of high quality reaches far and wide and people truly appreciate these tools made by craftsmen who have learned their trade from previous generations. They aim to continue manufacturing only the finest saws and hand planes and champion the Made in Britain ethos.

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