TigerTurf COVID-19 Update POSTED 18 MARCH

With the UK’s response to the spread of COVID-19 changing every day, at TigerTurf we’re taking steps to ensure our staff and their families are protected and healthy, as well as minimising any disruption to our manufacturing and distribution.
From Friday 29th March, our office staff will be home working meaning the temporary closure of our UK office. We’ve taken extra steps to ensure our employees have fully operational workspaces at home and can continue to provide a normal as possible service. Our usual telephone numbers will still work so we ask you use the regular channels to contact the office.
Our manufacturing and warehouse employees will continue to be operate as usual, practising enhanced cleaning procedures and social distancing to ensure we can fulfil your orders and continue to meet delivery dates. We have plenty of yarn stock, as well as product stock and currently do not envisage any issues in meeting demand.
Our external sales team will operate as usual, but with face-to-face meetings only taking place where absolutely essential and only then with appropriate safeguards in place. General communication will take place via phone, video conferencing and via the usual e-mail and messaging media.
Although we aim to provide as normal as possible service, we will be unable to process card payments during this time and will ask for BACS payments only. We will still be sending out samples, however if your request isn’t urgent, we ask you to hold off until we resume operations from our UK office.
Pleased be assured that everyone here at TigerTurf UK is focussed on continuing to support our partners and team through this challenging period.
If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact your Account Manager or the office.
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