To the Summit! Stocksigns 2023 Charity Hike Up Mount Rysy, Poland

This year our team have endeavoured to climb the highest mountain in Poland, Mount Rysy and take a trek through Paradise Valley for local charity – The Children’s Trust
Stocksigns Marketing Assistant, Melissa Barker, gives the scoop on how it went down:
Now I have had the chance to take stock & reflect on what’s been an unforgettable few days in Slovakia, the graft, the slog, the self-doubt. The team struggling, and you want to give up but know you shouldn’t. You Finally approach the summit, eyes widen, heart races. You find those final steps, raise your hand in victory touch the summit stone… Then it’s all downhill from there!


Day 2 Mount Rysy climb
A 13hr, 14 miles & 1,400m ascent of Poland’s highest mountain from the Slovakian side of the High Tatras. It was a very early start for the crew again on Sunday. We had no idea how long this would actually take. Day two was so tough. As one, we tackled valleys, a series of rails, cables, and bridges steep rocky switchbacks, scorching midday heat & some lethal snowy sections to reach the 2500m summit.

No one was prepared for the steep slippery snow section, we had quite a few falls and lots of snow ploughing on the way down. There were so many technical sections. If you are not one for heights then this would have not been for you! walking next to the rock’s face, a tad scary.

Simply a monumental effort from everyone involved. The scenery was out of this world.

After the poorly knees, the crew put in a ton of leg work today. Actions peak louder than words.

Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory! We have definitely put in the legwork!

The charity for this year’s challenge is The Children’s Trust. The UK’s leading charity for children with injury. Based in Tadworth (local to our Stocksigns/Messagemaker HQ) the Trust runs a range of specialist care, education, and therapy services for children and young people from across the UK and is the UK’s largest rehabilitation centre for children with acquired brain injury.

The Stocksigns team was joined by friends from Balfour Beatty, Gatwick Airport, VVB Engineering, Mason Street Furniture, Tennants UK, and more. We are proud to share with you that over £15,000 has been raised for the Children’s Trust.

We are so pleased and proud to share with you that we raised over £15,000 for the Children’s Trust in Tadworth. Thank you all for your support and donations, this fantastic amount of money, and will go a long way in helping this fantastic charity.



Day 1 Paradise Valley
No snakes just ladders and lots of them! We walked just over 13 and a half miles with an elevation game of 2999ft. This was the warm-up of exceedingly strenuous valleys, gullies, and ravines. It includes 75m ladder climbs, waterfalls, and some jaw-dropping scenery. For this challenge, A person who is sure-footed, unlikely to slip or stumble, and has a good head for heights is the ideal candidate!

I am pleased to say that even with a wobbly ladder here and there and no safety equipment, the team took it all in their stride and got on with it.

It was a peak experience!

Although our legs really hurt after this hike. But that’s fine, who KNEES ’em?


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