UK manufacturing report highlights need to grow back greener

Businesses must move away from ‘price first’ to ‘proximity and provenance first’, says Made in Britain CEO

THE All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group (APMG) has published a report that says a strong and resilient manufacturing sector is key for the UK’s economic prosperity. But, says the report, the sector needs support from the government and it calls for a National Made Smarter programme.

The report was produced by  Policy Connect's Manufacturing Commission, the research arm of the APMG, and it is titled: Manufacturing Resilience: Driving Recovery towards net zero. It was launched at an online meeting that was attended by Made in Britain, secretary of state Kwasi Kwarteng and commission chair Lord Bilimoria.

John Pearce, chief executive of Made in Britain, said, “Without Britain’s great SME manufacturing businesses, there is no full recovery - there is no meaningful business resilience."

“Every single business that has made it through these challenging times intact will have to play their part in transforming the UK economy as it moves away from ‘price first’ to ‘proximity and provenance’ first.

“Focus on buying products made by our members is probably the easiest way we can all make a difference.”

George Middleton, international trade and government relations advisor to Made in Britain, said, “If your company is considering its resilience and strategy for the next 18 months and beyond, you are likely to be considering themes including technology and data, energy and resource efficiency, circular economy, workforce skills and green skills specifically. This Manufacturing Commission report gathers a wide range of research and views on those and other themes that, while predominantly for a government audience, could help inform your company’s plans.”

You can download a copy of Manufacturing Resilience: Driving Recovery towards net zero by clicking here.

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