UK Steel Charter Procurement Approach Outlined

The UK Steel Charter, closely aligned with the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy agenda, builds on existing government policy aimed at supporting the steel industry through a more strategic approach to public procurement. The UK Steel Charter provides organisations with a range of simple, practical steps they can take to open up their procurement approach, increase opportunities for UK steel producers and manufacturing supply chains, maximising economic and social value of their projects. Download the UK Steel Charter and Guidance below:

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We support the aims and objectives of the UK Steel Charter. By taking practical steps to maximise opportunities for UK steel producers in construction and infrastructure, organisations will:

  • Help ensure the best possible economic benefit to the UK economy by increasing GVA in UK manufacturing supply chains
  • Unlock the social, environmental and economic benefits of shortened and localised supply chains
  • Promote and facilitate the use of UK produced steel in construction and infrastructure projects
  • Support highly paid, skilled manufacturing jobs and training opportunities in communities across the UK

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