Updates to Made in Britain Terms and Conditions

As part of our commitment to our objective of uniting, supporting and promoting quality British Manufacturers we’ve updated our Terms & Conditions and introduced a Code of Conduct. The new Terms & Conditions set out in more detail the basis on which British Manufacturers who produce British Products can become a member of the MiB Membership Programme and also better define the terms of Membership. The aim of these two new documents is to attract high quality British Manufacturers to the Made in Britain organisation and to protect the use of the Collective Mark for members.

 Here’s an overview of some of what’s new in the T&Cs:

  • We have set out the membership requirements, to include:
    • Eligibility requirements – we make it clear who the MiB Membership Programme is available to.
    • We explain how to join the MiB Membership Programme, which is now done online.
    • We detail the terms of your membership and the renewal process and requirements.
    • We have included a Code of Conduct which we expect our members to recognise during their membership.
    • We have added information about membership expiration, termination and cancellation.
  • We have set out the MiB Membership Programme Benefits:
    • We include detailed explanation on the use of the Collective Mark
    • We include detailed explanation of the Online Directory and information about your content.
    • We have added information about MiB-organised Events and Member Events
  • We have set out the terms of Your Content and Your Promotional Copy
  • We have included information about the Protection of the Collective Mark, the Intellectual Property Rights and Limitation of Liability.


Members are asked to read and agree to the new Terms and Conditions when renewing their membership. The full version of the Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct can be found in Membership Downloads in the Members Area.




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