We welcome new members to the Engineering, Environment and Chemicals sector

This week we welcome five new members to Made in Britain: 
First up this week is Repro Engineering Limited who are a CNC precision engineering company who will be joining us in the Engineering sector. They are planning to use the Made in Britain mark on their email, website and company brochures. 
The second member joining the Engineering sector this week is ANA Marine Limited who manufacture air conditioning units for the marine sector, self-contained, split and chilled water fan coil units. They intend to use the mark on casing and packing boxes as well as datasheets, technical data and emails. 
Industrial Services (York) Ltd will be joining us in the Chemicals sector. They make marker pens and associated equipment. They will be using the Made in Britain mark on all products. 
The Clothing & Apparel sector will gain Hugo and Ted who make dog clothing and apparel. They plan to use the Made in Britain mark on their products, in store and website. 
To end this week’s round up, we welcome Firstmark Consultancy Ltd to the Environment sector. They make temporary fire alarm systems and fire equipment storage. They intend to use the Made in Britain mark on their email signature and invoicing. 
From everyone at Made in Britain, we would like to welcome all our new members. We look forward to seeing your Members’ News Stories and your products in the Members’ Product Directory.

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