Westminster Stone - What is Stonecast?

At Westminster Stone we have been developing and retailing our Stonecast products for over 35 years and have produced an extensive and versatile range of Paving, Flooring and Accessories. Our Stonecast is an award-winning and highly refined concrete paving product, you will not find a better or higher quality range of products on the market.

How is Stonecast made?

All of our Stonecast products are made with handpicked raw materials on our main Shropshire site using moulds developed by our Managing Director John Clifford. We only use the very best raw materials and the highest quality of pigments, additives and fibre reinforcement to create hard wearing and low maintenance paving and flooring products.

We have perfected our manufacturing process over the last 35 years and use key elements in our production process to improve the quality and longevity of our products, which other manufacturers often overlook. These include our 7-day cure process and Stonecast spacer system which is unique to Westminster Stone. It allows for better curing, consistent colouring and a superior end result.

What sets our Stonecast Paving and Flooring apart from other products on the market?

At Westminster Stone we are proud to use only the best raw materials and work to the highest specifications as to not cut corners and to make higher margins. We are a family business, and it is important to us to create superior products whilst striking a balance between cost effectiveness and quality. 

Expertly designed and developed, each of our moulds is handmade with a unique shape, patina and size to create a paving and flooring that is completely authentic in appearance and a close replica to original natural stone as possible. The skill and craftmanship that has gone into our moulds has been recognised and awarded for decades.

Our Stonecast products are industry leading and our attention to detail in every aspect of the process is what sets Westminster Stone’s Stonecast products apart.

Advantages of Stonecast

There are a lot of advantages to using Stonecast paving and flooring. They are more affordable and a lot easier to obtain than sourced original natural stone. Using Stonecast also avoids the need to quarry for natural stone, thus making it cheaper and better for the environment.

  • High durability and longevity, perfectly suited to the UK’s adverse weather conditions.
  • Ideal for restoration and conservation projects where sourced natural stone originals are not available or highly priced.
  • Great range of colours, sizes, textures and finishes available at any time and in any quantity.
  • All of our products can be laid indoors and out, perfect for creating a seamless flow between internal and external spaces.
  • Consistent sizing and thickness make cutting and laying easier.
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating.
  • Frost, stain and crack resistant.
  • Naturally non-slip.
  • Large selection of complementary paving accessories, including features, kerbstones and paving circles.

Our Stonecast Products

We offer an extensive and beautiful range of Stonecast flagstones, slabs, tiles and accessories, many of which are best sellers. Our National Trust Collection showcases the very best original and traditional British architecture, perfect for period properties and cottages. We also offer a range of accessories to match our paving, they are perfect for adding character and depth to your garden and outdoor spaces. 

Here are our 5 most popular Stonecast products:

National Trust Hidcote Flagstones

Lancashire Mill Paving

Malvern Black Porcelain Flooring Tiles

Castle Flooring

Old Provence Classic Octagon

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