What do Cardboardboxes 2 Go do with their waste cardboard

Cardboardboxes 2 Go have asked if you ever wondered what happends to the off-cuts of cardboard when they make their bespoke boxes?

It's actually pretty simple.  They recycle it. Responsibility and sustainability is at the heart of what they do. 

Cardboardboxes 2 Go carefully select a provider who can take their 'waste' cardboard, clean it, pulp it and dry and form it into cardboard ready to begin it's life again.  
Because it's cardboard, this process happens an infinate amout of times (this is just one of the reasons they love cardboard so much). They had to carefully select their service provider though. Did you know there are only three plants in the UK that can recycle cardboard in this way? It surprised us too! 

Cardboardboxes 2 Go are proud to work with such companies that care about the planet too, they are proud to be Made In Britain and be a low emmision and sustainable. 

Shop their products here and tell them why you're using cardboard! 

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