What’s good about British manufacturing and ‘Buying British’

Sourcing locally not only saves time and money, it also defends our economy, our workplaces and provides jobs locally.  

Buying British means that income generated from sales in the UK stays within our economy.  Every penny we earn goes back into our infrastructure nationally and locally.  Nationally to maintain and improve our Country’s infrastructure and locally to contribute to the maintenance and development of our local economies.

Buying British should mean quality, competitive pricing, wider choice, faster lead times and quicker and more positive responses to problem-solving and resolution.  Buying from outside of the UK is not a sustainable option if we are to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and the global impact on our planet.

Gopak has been incorporated for 70 Years and has strongly believed in British manufacturing and buying where possible from other British manufacturers and suppliers.  

In manufacturing furniture for our Education and Community markets, we have keenly sought to employ local labour encouraging and nurturing work and life skills along the way.  We are proud to endorse this ethos/ethic and in developing our ‘Gopak family’ we have all benefitted in the retention of staff and their skills.  This is reflected in the ‘working life’ of our Company and we can boast over 680 years of service amongst our current staffing level of 39 employees.

The knowledge and commitment of the ‘Gopak family’ is a resource we have on tap.  It is local and accessible, not halfway around the world and can be applied proactively and reactively as and when required.

Buying British should be second nature.  We have the skills and know-how at our fingertips and here at Gopak the desire is to keep us on the ‘Map of Manufacturing’ for years to come.

“Buy British – Buy Well – Buy Once”

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