Why every datacentre needs a permanently installed resistive Loadbank

UK LOADBANK manufacturer, Hillstone Products, has developed a load bank solution to increase reliability, efficiency, and uptime performance whilst reducing energy costs when operating a datacentre.

The loadbank_GENSET range has been designed to overcome fuel being the single point of failure in a datacentre and to prevent breaches in generators Service Level Agreement ( SLA ) & warranty conditions by maintaining best practice expected in mission-critical datacentre infrastructure.

The release of the loadbank_GENSET range co-in sides with 6 months’ extensive research, by Hillstone’s MD Paul Smethurst, which has looked at the consequences of supporting low IT load with generator backup systems that are dimensioned against maximum operating scenarios.

Paul Smethurst states “The benefits of having a permanent load bank connected to the Genset system include:

  • validation of Fuel Supplies,
  • prevention of Wet Stacking
  •  associated operating savings in energy costs

to create a very short ROI by improvements in best practice and ensuring uptime performance.”

The loadbank_GENSET range is designed using the latest PLC technology to deliver a dual automatic & manual operation with open software interfacing to BMS & DCIM systems.

The loadbank_GENSET range moves the load bank industry away from expensive propriety control systems.

More information is available either online at www.loadbanks.co.uk or via our UK sales office:


 Tel +44(0) 161 763 3100 sales@hillstone.co.uk

Paul Smethurst is an Incorporated Engineer & Fellow of The Institute of Engineering Technology and Industry Mentor to the Mechanical Faculty at The University of Leeds.

Hillstone Products are members of the DCA & EU Code of Conduct for datacentres,

Find out more about Hillstone on their member profile page 


Find out more about Hillstone Loadbanks on their member profile page here

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