Why joining Made in Britain made good business sense.

Thanks to Next Divans SEO company, Simul Digital we have found out the huge benefits of becoming certified members of Made In Britain. Yes, we all love to boast about our products and materials being made in Britain and that in itself is great for PR however, there is so much more you can benefit from by becoming a member. 

It is important to invest in marketing especially if you have a presence online. Since talking to their SEO company Next Divan have chosen to follow  guidance which included the following:

· Supporting a local charity. Offering beds to a local charitable organisation and asking them to include you in their news supports both the charity and your SEO rankings. 

· Greater use of PR and using outreach to journalists who can follow your stories. Offer up a great story, Editors love material their readers will truly engage with.

· Promote yourself widely being a part of Made in Britain, push aside the companies who drop ship from overseas. Online, use the logo on your pages, banners and promotional emails.

Find out more about Next Divan Beds on their member profile page here

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