Wooden packaging for export from UK must now meet EU import rules

Main photo:  Matthias Böckel

FOLLOWING the UK’s departure from the EU, wooden packing materials, such as pallets, now have to conform to pest and disease-preventing regulations when being shipped to Europe. Pallets heading for Europe now need to be ISPM15 compliant and carry a stamp to show that they have undergone pest-eradicating heat treatment. These are not new rules but the fact that they now apply to the UK is the change. Pallets entering the EU have always required the marking. Pallets moving between EU states do not.

Stephanie Munn (left) from Made in Britain member Pallite, told Made in Britain, “Due to this change in regulations for the UK as well as the impact of the global pandemic on the heat treatment capacity for wooden packaging, we believe current UK supplies of heat-treated pallets and shipping crates will not meet demand and there will be a shortage in supply.

“We’ve seen an increase in demand our paper honeycomb pallets because they are exempt from the regulation but we have also been asked for help in navigating the changes. As such, we’ve created a new e-book to help exporters understand the changes to pallet and shipping rate requirements.”

Click here to download the e-book How to export after Brexit and not get caught out by the new ISPM15 wooden packaging regulations

By Made in Britain 3 months ago | Made in Britain news

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