Wrights Plastics unveil retail display showroom

WRIGHTS Plastics has unveiled its POS retail display showroom. It includes some of the company's most recent retail and POS display projects, as well as a range of off-the-shelf POS.

Made in GB off-the-shelf POS display products from the Wrights GPX brand include Slatwall shelves, display cases and plinths. Low level seating is complemented by side tables from our bestselling acrylic table ranges.

The showroom was developed by the in-house design team who were enthused by Wrights' work with some of the leading high street retailers, cosmetic and fashion brands to create a special space celebrating the company’s many achievements as well as offering ideas and styles for future display projects.

The room cleverly highlights the group’s extensive range of services and products. Faux panelling and rich floral print dividers highlight Wrights Plastics' high quality large format print services. Hi-tech meets organic as digital advertising displays sit alongside ontrend faux plants.

The POS retail display showroom features a selection of the innovative and stylish POS display developed, designed and made for some of the UK’s leading retailers and consumer brands. FSDUs and CTUs highlight the company’s ability to combine their extensive range of processes to manufacture brand-enhancing POS that remains cost-effective.

From the Mid West Display brands, tension fabric print LED lightboxes create a stunning focal point.

Any Made in Britain member who would like to view the showroom can contact James Ivison on 0121 580 3080

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