Your backups security is our priority, here’s how we ensure that.

With customer data being so important, it’s vital we do our best to ensure it is correctly protected. Backup Systems is ISO27001 accredited, meaning we as a business have put in place the correct system measures to prevent risks related to data security that we manage. This system meets the requirements put in place by the International Standard, giving our customers reassurance they can trust us with their data. 

We have the option to store customers data offsite in a cloud provider, such as AWS, Azure, and many others. To make sure that customer data is protected, it can only be accessed via an encrypted VPN. Rather than just having a web portal protecting the data, we have an extra layer of protection which is an L2TP/IPSec VPN, so nobody with just a web browser can try and break in.

With this extra layer of protection that L2TP/IPsec provides, on top of username, password setups and MFA, this ensures there are no unnecessary ports, or potential vulnerabilities for system access. Using a VPN as opposed to just a standard website portal provides our customer with extra peace of mind, it shows them that we are taking extra measures to protect their data, something we take very seriously.

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