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The world was shocked to see the violence which exploded in the US capital on the 6th of January. Wolverhampton-based company Zaun have provided security mesh to protect Washington DC during the unrest due to rioters who support outgoing US President Donald Trump, Jr.

Zaun’s HiSec 358 mesh has been used in key locations in the US capital by two of their US partners, TCP Security Solutions and ARX Perimeter. TCP supplied Zaun’s temporary fencing system, and ARX supplied their High-Security Fencing System, which includes Zaun manufactured HiSec 358 mesh.

Zaun’s HiSec 358 perimeter security fencing system is specifically designed to repel intruders. Anti-climb properties are provided by the close mesh formation (76.2 x 12.7mm). It is difficult to get a hand-hold within the apertures, stopping intruders from scaling the fencing and gaining entry into the site.

Zaun’s temporary fencing system is a total solution to vehicle ingress. It is a high-performance perimeter protection system that immobilises any vehicle attempting to enter high-security areas. Easy to install and erect, installers can use it for both temporary solutions and, with shallow foundations and road surfacing anchoring, is ideal for permanent solutions for high-risk areas. It has been proven to withstand multiple vehicle strikes whilst maintaining a secure perimeter. The temporary fencing system is easy and cost-effective to transport for locations that require a non-permanent solution.

Zaun Business Development Manager Mat White said:

“Working with our US partners, we are proud that our mesh fencing security solutions have aided in protecting key locations in the US capital. We have a great history of supplying innovative fencing solutions to help protect sensitive locations.
With high-security solutions such as their 358 mesh security systems, Zaun is continuing to lead the way in protecting valuable assets the world over. Working with their international partners, Zaun is constantly working to supply governments and corporations with the peace of mind and security they need with their world-beating products. 

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