3D Printer Safety Enclosure

Manufactured by Kora

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✔ Removes airborne hazardous substances and particles given off during the 3D printing process - including PLA
✔ Prevents “burn“ hazards from common 'VERY HOT' 3D Printer parts and components ie. printing nozzle, heater block, heated bed etc.
✔ Prevents “trap” hazards from common moving mechanical 3D Printer components ie. toothed belts, gears, sliding mechanisms etc.
✔ Door lock also helps prevent unauthorised access and opportunist theft of models and valuable 3D Printer machines
✔ Significant noise reduction from any 3D Printer operating inside the enclosure - cooling fan, motor noise etc.
✔ Reduces common print failures by protecting against drafts of warm and/or cold air coming from an open window or door in the printers location
✔ Incorporates LCD Temperature and Humidity display in the front door to display the environment inside the enclosure
✔ UK Government Tested by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) inconjunction with CLEAPSS (Consortium for Science in Schools)
✔ Automatic Fire Extinguisher, Heat Sensor Alarm, LED Lighting kit shown are NOT INCLUDED (all easy pre-prepared bolt-on available accessories)

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Technology / Science & Education

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