9 Day Diet and Detox Plan - Fat Loss Package with Slimming Pills and Protein Shake - Designed to Help You Clean Your Body and Lose Weight in Just 9 Days - Low Carb and Calorie


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✅  9 DAY DIET & DETOX PACKAGE - The easy to follow diet and detox plan is designed to help you cleanse your body and lose weight in just 9 days. It's an effective way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle and to transform your bad eating habits. Inspired by struggling slimmers, this weight loss routine will help you to burn fat fast and leave you feeling lighter and more energised. This diet and detox package has been designed for men and women to provide weight loss support at exceptional value.

LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT - The powerful supplements included in this diet and detox package have been carefully chosen to help you achieve the best possible results. The high strength capsules will help you curb your appetite, supercharge your metabolism, help your body to burn fat fast and help maintain regularity during the 9 days. This package contains a 9 day supply of Garcinia Cambogia Wholefruit, Active Clean Blend, Aloe Vera, Psyllium Husk and Vitamin B Complex.

HEALTHY & DELICIOUS - This 9 day diet and detox package also contains tasty low calorie protein powder. It has been expertly formulated to boost your metabolism, burn fat and to leave you feeling full. Each serving is only 117 calories and contains only 4.2 carbs, so it's keto friendly. This diet protein powder is enhanced with clean weight loss and appetite reducing compounds, we're confident that you will enjoy replacing those unhealthy snacks and picking up your shaker bottle instead.

IMPRESSIVE VALUE - Unlike competitors, we've ditched the unnecessary packaging to make your weight loss plan much more affordable. The focus when designing this package has been to provide the highest quality weight loss and detox supplement, ensuring you're satisfied with your results at the end of the 9 day plan. You will find your supplements are provided in resealable pouches for your convenience when following the routine away from home. Full instructions and routine are also included.

PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE - This 9 day weight loss package includes full instructions and tips to guide you through each day. This includes when to have a meal, when to use the supplements and when to drink your delicious low calorie protein powder. SMUG Supplements is a family run company based in North Devon. All of the supplements included in the SMUG 9 are manufactured right here in the UK.  If you want to continue your journey after completing the SMUG 9, consider moving on to the SMUG 30.

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