Anti-Glare, Light Control Fabric

Manufactured by Smartlouvre Technology Ltd

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Product Capacity: 1000 units per week

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Additional Sales Information: Microlouvre® provides essential glare control by creating directional light diffusion, source concealment and glare control. It is a highly effective light diffusion material for a wide range of applications. Can be cut to any size.

Product Description

MicroLouvre® creates directional light diffusion, source concealment and glare control.

MicroLouvre® is the world’s thinnest and lightest metal louvre fabric. There are up to 700 paper-thin miniature bronze louvres woven into every metre of fabric. The tiny louvres are usually given a standard protective black polyester coating for a durable finish, absorbing and eliminating re-reflected heat, light and glare. They can be any colour, as well as having a matt or highly reflective finish to suit. The standard louvre angles are 17° and 0°. Angles between 17° and 0° can be produced on application.

MicroLouvre® metal fabric is directional which can be used for various lighting purposes, including in: trading floors, museum or exhibition displays, shading traffic lights, and buildings and bridges around the globe. In addition, it is corrosive-resistant so suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

MicroLouvre® is so thin and easy to manipulate, it can easily be integrated or retrofitted into any lighting unit.

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Smartlouvre Technology Ltd

Building & Construction / Materials

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