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Designed and manufactured in the UK, the splint products are a simple elegant design. If you suffer from Trigger Finger Arthro-Eze splint products are ideal for immobilising the joint to encourage proper healing and joint correction.

Trigger Finger happens when your finger locks or clicks when it is bent and then suddenly pops back when trying to straighten it. “Triggering” commonly occurs at night or with activities that require repeated gripping or pinching, such as holding a pen.


Arthro-Eze splints can help your finger recover, aid healing, and reduce pain caused by swelling by immobilising and supporting the finger. Arthro-Eze splints also improve finger stability and alignment for better hand function and are light, comfortable, they are also hardly noticeable to the wearer. Made from biocompatible material so they will not irritate your skin, no messy tape or straps are required so they can be worn in water without removing the splints. They may also aid in preventing the progression of deformity and multiple splints can be worn without limiting hand function.

They are currently available in Peach, Clear, Amber Clear variants in 32 different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit and our new Amber clear splint blends in with any skin tone. Please visit our shop via the home button at the top of the page to see all variants and buying options.

When determining splint size we recommend you follow our step by step guide detailed in our website using a strip of paper (SIZING INSTRUCTIONS).

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