Bikehangar® 4.0

Manufactured by Cyclehoop Ltd

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Product Description

Cyclehoop’s market-leading Bikehangar provides six accessible, secure, weather-resistant and insurable cycle parking spaces within half the space of a car parking bay. The latest model, the Bikehangar 4.0, is accredited Sold Secure Powered Cycle and Pedal Cycle Diamond and features our innovative lock mechanism, providing resistance against angle grinder attack.

Further features of the new model include; improved usability and accessibility, fail-secure lock interface, solid side panels provided as a standard, optional digital access with basic reporting on use, and an optional master key system.

Sold Secure is the premier British testing and certification body for all security products. Diamond accreditation is awarded to products that provide the highest level of security. The Bikehangar family are the only cycle hangars on the market to achieve this standard.

The principles of Eurocodes have been followed in the design of the Bikehangar and it has been tested to meet the environmental conditions as outlined in BS EN 1991-1-3:2003 Eurocode 1 – Snow Loads and BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 Eurocode 1 – Wind Actions for typical Bikehangar installation locations within the UK

The Bikehangar design illustrates important UK and European design standards including the TfL London Cycle Parking Design Standards and it is registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

EUIPO Design Reg. No. 008215446-0001
Transport Award Shortlisted, NLA Awards 2015
Cycle Parking Award Winner, British Parking Awards 2014

We are the originators of the Bikehangar product in the UK and through our partnerships with local authorities, we run the world’s largest managed network on

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Cyclehoop Ltd

Transport / Bicycles

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