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Manufactured by Kewell Converters Ltd

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Product Capacity: Depending on the complexity of the design we can produce around 500 units per week.

Minimum Order Quantity: £500 minimum value on bespoke products.

Product Description

Our provision of packaging in the form of foam inserts ranges from standard applications to highly specialised.

In general, here at KCL, we make use of AZOTE and ZOTEK foams, which guarantee our clients precision foam inserts which provide maximum protection for fragile and valuable items. The durability of the material also ensures that the foam inserts are returnable, meeting the ever-increasing quest for an ecologically-mindful, waste-free environment.

Military packaging has to meet very stringent Defence Standard requirements. Using specific grades of Zotefoam, which are conductive, have low levels of flammability and explosives compatibility, we are able to increase the safety of transit for military equipment. We fabricate foam inserts which are 100% compliant, and keep items in place regardless of shape or weight.

Another specialised application for foam inserts is in the field of medicine. Implantable devices, such as advanced pacemakers, need to be protected with high-grade foam which will withstand irradiation sterilisation. Foam which is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and free from latex is ideal for surgical instruments, for protection, storage and control.

Whatever your requirement for foam inserts, KCL can deliver.

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