Catering Controller - QVR/S

Manufactured by United Automation Limited

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Product Capacity: 1000 units per week

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

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Product Description

These variable phase angle powerful regulators are robust, compact and enclosed units for 230V or 110V up to 15A single
phase mains driven loads. They give fully adjustable voltage outputs from zero to maximum,
The large triac enables the unit to handle high inrush currents with ample safety margin on industrial installations. An adhesive
backed silver label and hairline knob are optional extras for front panel mounting.

Suitable for quartz lamps, or conventional resistive heating elements in single, series or parallel configurations to the specified
voltage, current and temperature limits. Applications include ovens, moulders, dryers and some inductive loads, for example
transformers and motors

· Variable 0-98% Output
· On/Off Switched version (QVR’s)
· Single Hole Fixing
· Rugged and Compact
· Large Triac for Inrush Protection
· High Surge Option

Manufacturer Profile

United Automation Limited

Engineering / Components

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