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Stop… Collaborate… and Listen!

Meet Connect. Race Furniture’s award-winning collaborative seating solution for lecture theatres and other educational environments.

Created in collaboration with Burwell Architects and Loughborough University, Connect allows teachers to circulate freely and interact with students and is great for group working. Connect can be fully customised and we offer a full space plan and layout service ensuring that your new space meets the optimum needs for students and lecturers alike.

A first-of-its-kind in collaborative educational seating.

Create educational environments of distinction with Connect. It allows for development of pedagogies, more interaction between student and teacher, and more interaction between students. This in turn has been proved to lead to greater student engagement and satisfaction (leading to improved grades).

Remember, these product models are for your reference only. We provide bespoke seating solutions, so while we use these models to form the basis of the seat, they are completely customised to suit your requirements and 100% unique to you.

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