Educational Solar Water Heater Kit

Manufactured by EcoStyle Ltd

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The Solar Water Heater Kit is a working model of a real solar water heating panel.

This interactive set shows how solar power can be harnessed to heat water, either outdoors in the sun or indoors with a lamp. Assembled in minutes, it can be used at all stages of education from primary school to university level to learn about renewable energy.

  • Fill with cold water and watch the temperature increase as solar energy heats the panel.
  • Experiment with the insulating case open or closed, and with or without the insulation block fitted, to understand the effect on water heating efficiency.
  • Observe water temperature and external air temperature on the digital thermometer.
  • Measure maximum and minimum temperatures using the recording function and programmable alarm.
  • Durable, with a storage case to keep components organised and protected.

Kit Contains

  • Hinged plastic insulating case
  • Black aluminium solar collector panel
  • Copper heating tube with rubber stoppers
  • Digital thermometer with LCD display and remote probe
  • Polystyrene foam insulation block
  • Assembly and operating instructions
  • Storage case

Manufacturer Profile

EcoStyle Ltd

Energy / Renewable Energy

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